Thursday, September 9, 2010

the 1st time

I've had so many "first time ever" moments since I moved to the US. Yesterday was the day for a new one: I was pulled over by a cop.

As I was returning from the youth group meeting (Shon & I drove separately), I suddenly realized my headlights were not on. Now, I'm still used to the Olds (may it rest in peace), that had the wonderfully convenient automatic lights, so I never had to worry about it. The truck doesn't have this luxury, obviously. What made it a problem was the fact that it was the first time I was driving the truck at night and had no clue where the light switch was! So, I pulled into a gas station, found a switch, turned it, saw some light come on, and started moving again. It wasn't a block later when I noticed the blue lights behind me, panicked slightly, and pulled over.

Well, turned out that I turned the light in the bed of the truck on!

The policeman was really nice, and, chuckling at my innocent idiocy (I mastered this look while dealing with bureaucrats in Motherland), he told me I had to pull the switch instead of turning it. Duh! A shameful moment for a brunette, my friends!

I need to mention that this is my second instance of dealing with the police in GA (the first time happened when I actually had an accident - first ever, of course!), and both times the officers were a pleasure to deal with.

P.S. Shon wasn't happy about this, but he really can't complain. He actually got a speeding ticket on Sunday. The half-of-my-paycheck kind, too.

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