Sunday, October 17, 2010

Panama City Beach. The same Bed & Breakfast. Enjoying being alone as much as we enjoyed having company last time.
I say, "Hello, God!" as I walk into the water.
Sand crabs all over the place.
The water is green. The sky is blue.
I feel renewed, recharged, giddy, relaxed.
Being at the beach is a spiritual thing for me.
It all started the first time I saw the ocean.
Shon is a mountain man. He, who grew up in Maine and is used to the raw ragged beauty of the beaches there, thinks the southern beaches are boring. However, even he can't resist the clear waters and the white sand here in the Gulf.
Isn't it funny that in the middle of October the water in the Gulf is warmer than the water in the Great Lakes in the middle of June?

Friday, October 1, 2010

I know I need to post pictures of my most recent creations and write down a couple of recipes, but here's my silliness for today.

Every time I open my closet to pick an outfit, somewhere deep in my unconscious I hope that something new, and beautiful, and perfectly fitting has appeared in there since I last looked. Am I the only one?

Shon said that every time he opens his closet to pick an outfit, he thinks 'where in the world is that shirt?'

Also, don't ever let me go back to  It's not a good place for a person who doesn't own (or ever will own) either an engagement ring, or a wedding band.