Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life is not slowing down.
The house is still in mild disarray, there are still a couple of shelves and pictures to be hung, and curtains to be purchased, and books/papers to sort through. It already is a home though, and that feels really good. I do miss having the dog inside, however.

My first week at work was a little bizarre. There was a lot of time wasted, a lot of things unclear. There is still no contract (and from what I understand, there won't be one). There might, however, be a chance to do photography for the paper, too, which will be an amazing learning opportunity. I would also love to proofread, since the paper really needs it. All the mistakes and missing commas bother me greatly.

I'm driving the truck. There is no progress in my learning to drive stick, since both of us have been too exhausted to drive anywhere in the evening to practice.

I'm finishing another bag, working on 3 hats, and cross-stitching. Shon is looking at cruise deals. Also, I made some delicious barbecued tofu the other night.


  1. LOL! Driving a stick shift! Jenia, I tried and tried to learn that. Finally, after my late hubby died, I sold it and never learned. You write so wonderfully. I'm sure the newspaper needs you! Imagine the faces of them thar Southern locals when they hear a Russian is proofreading their English and doing an outstanding job (better than those who grew up here)!

  2. Haha! Thanks, Kelly!
    My real job there is selling ads, and it will probably take quite a bit of time to convince the people that they need a proofreader (desperately). We shall see!