Saturday, June 5, 2010

just writing

How is it possible that I have more tan after 24 hours in Michigan than I got up until now in Southern Georgia?!

We arrived at 11.30 last night, after roughly 16 hours in my father-in-law's truck. The Chevy is just a bit younger than me, but it's still really reliable, if not comfortable. I will have to come up with a different seat cover, since the one that's in there now scratches you even through your clothes! It's pretty neat to have such a big seat though. I'm sure Sunshine will enjoy riding with us even more now :)

We were only going to spend 2 days in Bowman, and ended up staying there for almost a week. It was easier on me than usual, though. I did some cleaning and cooking, as usual, but I also made a point of not worrying about it too much. I also somehow managed to stay un-jealous of Shon spending the majority of time with his dad, and instead stayed busy with my own projects (the flower purse, the jewelry, and trying to save the plants).

And now we are visiting Jody and Megan in Michigan. I think we'll be here for at least a week. So far it's been nice and relaxing, I hope that's how the rest of it goes! Tomorrow, all 4 of us are singing at church. I wish I knew about it weeks ago so that I could actually learn the harmony for "Amazing Grace" since I'm pathetic at coming up with stuff like that on the spot. Out of the 4 of us, I am the least musically talented, unfortunately. I think we sound good though!

With this, I am leaving the computer and going to bed.


P.S. It is absolutely unfair how cheap the produce is here! 99 cents for a lb huge, beautiful, vine ripe tomatoes! Maybe I could live here, after all!

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