Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday was simply beautiful, in spite of the wind and the rain. In the morning, Shon and I decided to go the United Methodist Church that is just down the street from our house. We are not Methodist, I've never even been to a Methodist church before, and we did not really know anyone who went there, but several people in the area mentioned that the pastor and his wife used to be missionaries in Russia. So we finally went.

Scott and Patty have indeed spent 3 1/2 years doing mission work, but it was in Kazakhstan, not Russia. They did work with the Russian population though, and they did learn the language. Turns out, people had been telling them about us, too, but no one knew for sure who we were or where we lived. They were thrilled to meet us and invited us over for lunch. We both had such a great time!!

It was neat to talk about our international experiences over some hot tea (in southern Georgia!!) and Russian chocolates. It felt like we've known each other forever. 

Yay for new friendships!!


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