Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Long Road to the Kitchen

In Captivating Stasi Eldridge writes:
"I somehow believed that upon saying "I do," I would be magically transformed into Betty Crocker. I imagined myself baking fresh bread, looking flushed and beautiful as I removed the steaming loaves from  the oven. [...] I had failed."
My housekeeping skills still need a lot of improvement, but, unlike Stasi, I have mysteriously turned into a cook. Not that I had any choice, having married a man spoiled by home cooking from scratch, who also happened to want to gain weight. Us being broke vegetarians and me being Russian didn't help much either. But here I am, with no pages left in my recipe book, having compiled a cookbook for my sister, and having menus for at least one week at any given moment. I even own an apron! Now, I am not a chef by any means. But I'm very good at following recipes!
I figured I could use this blog for saving the recipes I liked, since I can't afford a nice new recipe book at the moment.

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