Sunday, December 11, 2011

RACK 10 and 11

Yesterday for the best one so far!
After staying up pretty much all night, I fell good enough in the morning to make a trip to Albany (1hr away). Half-way there, though, coffee sounded like a very good idea, so I pulled into McDonald's drive-thru (we're too rural for Starbucks). I had no ideas for RACK and was praying all morning for a good opportunity to do something.
I noticed two kids in the car behind me. A guy and a girl, anywhere between 16 and 20, by the looks of them. They looked kind of tired. After paying for my coffee, I asked the lady how much was the bill of the kids behind me. She said it was $5. I thought, "I can afford that!" and handed her my card. A minute later, when she returned it, we had a conversation:
Her: So, you know 'im? (the boy was driving and making the order)
Me: Nope!
Her: Do you think he's cute? (a knowing smile on her face)
Me: Ehh... not really, I don't know.
Her: (truly perplexed, after a moment of silence) So why are you doing it then?
Me: Well, it's Christmas time, you know.
Her: Words of praise, beaming smile, laughter and an attempt to find out my name.
As I moved to the next window, I looked in rearview mirrow. You should have seen those kids' faces! Shock, then joy, eyes wide open, giggling :) I waved at them, and they waved back. I could swear the girl was bouncing in her seat.

Today I'm exhausted and staying at home in my pj's. In an attempt to still do something kind without leaving the couch, I researched the Internet and found a charity that accepts and sells video games with all proceedings going to children with rare diseases. I printed a shipping label and will mail the game tomorrow.

P.S. Seeing those teens yesterday made my day. For $5, which won't even buy you 2 gallons of gas these days, I got a real boost. My hope is that I made their day and that at some point they will do something similar because of the memory.

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