Saturday, December 3, 2011


So, RACK continues :)
Yesterday was day 2, and it was kind of scary, I should admit! I decided to go to Subway for lunch, buy a gift card at checkout, and give it to the person behind me in line.
Well, at first, I was worrying that I'll be the last one in line. Then I started worrying about actually giving the card to the man behind me - what if he refuses to take it? What if he starts thanking me loudly and profusely in front of everybody? I was quite nervous, which sounds silly now. In the end, I bought my food and a $10 gift card and quietly asked the lady at the register to give the card to the next customer. It took her a moment to get it, but once she did, there was this huge smile on her face.
I left the restaurant rather in a hurry and did not witness what happened next. It made my day, though.

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