Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RACK 4, 5, and 6

Life intervenes and prevents me from blogging. 
So, on Sunday my RACK was a really small one - Shon and I were in Callaway Gardens and I offered to take a picture for the couple who were trying one of those "extended arm photos." Like I said, it was small, but it was very much random.
Our tickets to Callaway Gardens are good until the end of the year, but between Shon's trip to Michigan and our trip to London, we won't be able to go. So as my RACK for Monday, I offered the tickets to friends of ours. I hope they get to go and have as much fun as we did. 
And today I made and wrote 4 Christmas cards for Holiday Mail for Heroes, an American Red Cross program. My cards aren't fancy, but the message is heartfelt. I hope it will cheer somebody up this season.

On a completely different note, my heart is in Russia today. If you have no idea why, take a look at one of these articles: TIME and RT. If I were still in Moscow, I'd be out there with the crowd. I don't want a revolution, and I definitely don't want a war, but something needs to happen there. 

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