Thursday, December 1, 2011


Have you read this blog post? Well, you should.
Reading it made me want to do something similar for my own birthday, but then I decided I didn't have to wait until the end of April to be kind. Thus, I introduce the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. In place of an Advent calendar or an Advent lent this year, I will be trying to show some extra kindness every day.
I'm going to keep record of it not to show off or feel good about myself. It's just that I wouldn't have gotten this idea if I haven't seen that blog. Maybe someone else will read this and decide to spread some kindness, too. God knows we could all use some.

So, day 1. My RACK today wasn't too random - it was well-planned, actually. This afternoon, I surprised my Freshman Year Experience class with homemade cookies and brownies, and  some hot chocolate (thank you for the crockpot, Ms. Sandra! I would have never been able to bring a gallon of milk to a boil in the dancing studio otherwise!) No, they didn't exactly deserve it. Yes, they could use a good surprise, a little bit of love from a teacher who assigns too much homework, and something warm to drink.

It's 10.35pm and I'm falling asleep as I'm typing. Staying up till 1am to bake the aforementioned cookies is not an easy thing anymore. Old age, here I come!

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